This is an example of what I

This is an example of what I’m doing about 80% of the time. Now this woman is too skinny but I’m not. So when I’m at my goal weight, I’ll allow myself the extra calories. I don’t want to look like her. :-)
Just saying. I got too skinny in high school ( by accident) so I know my normal weight.

I had seen this way of eating in my past but it didn’t work for me because I ate high fat and high protein. They don’t go together. It’s one or the other.
For example, you can eat just meat or you can eat just potatoes. But if you eat the meat and potatoes together, that is the weight gain food combo.
It takes a lot longer to digest and can be hard on the stomach too. It is more acidic.
I don’t eat meat and try to keep fat low. That is a daily discipline to get used to. I eat a little avocado Or chocolate or Lara bar or nuts.
But try to limit it or even skip it all together any time I can. Makes a BIG difference to do a fat free day! The food digest so easy.
Inflammation goes down , bloating goes down. Weight loss happens faster .. but I know .. we want the fat for the satiety !
If I can do 2 fat free days and just keep the other 5 low, I feel good about that ! For now!
I love to challenge myself to do better!

How is everyone else doing?
What do you think about video?
Anyone else try this before?
How are you doing with your goals?

Now that I’ve got my senses back, I can’t believe I was so crazy. I can’t believe I just said F it and ate the worst possible foods I could eat nonstop for 4.5 months. I never would’ve gained this weight had I not done that. But at least I stopped and I’m slowly going down.

I really appreciate your honesty -it helps us very much.
I'm just at the beginning of my food story. When you get to a certain decade, a lot of other changes have happened and you don't want to lose the one thing that (at least for me) makes you feel alive...flavor from food.
I've eaten very healthy at different times but never really had to restrict myself until post-menopause. Change of job, and several other hits and wham...totally need to get myself to a healthy state.
Thanks for your input.

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@Littlesis7 thanks for sharing. Glad to help. I think this lady’s channel can be good for the food part.
And then we also have to have our thinking right.
Believing we can do it and I know you do.
I have a friend who will say I can never lose weight. I can’t do it. Things like that. And when you believe that, then that becomes your reality because your behavior follows your beliefs. She doesn’t wanna deal with it. But I do.
I believe because I was thin more of my life thin I was overweight and I know all I have to do is take in less calories than I burn and I will go into a deficit. That is what this lady does.
There is no lack of food … just different food choices.
I am still working on me! It is a daily practice to get good habits ingrained and takes time to reshape the body. And I think it is a fun process.
I am here to help and support any time!
Getting ready to put on some 80’s rock and walk ! Fresh air and sunshine in on the menu!

Thanks for the reply :) Hopefully I'll get to her channel.
You are right it IS all in your attitude. I think my problem is I need to obviously move more.
Gotten to the pt of life where becoming healthy & FIT, is a FULL time job!
Thanks for mentioning support. Me as well.
Kudos to you rockin n walkin!

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@Littlesis7 there is so much in this book that I am reading as well. I just can’t explain it here.
I have to listen to it over and over.
“The Anderson Method” on Audible!
This combined with this way of eating 80% is going to change the game and make winning almost easy! And definitely doable!
I gained 10pds in just a few months after maintaining and going down for 3 yrs. I needed to pump the brakes hard!
Now I am slowly going back in the right direction.
Baby steps, consistency and focus.

The guy who wrote this book used to be obese from childhood until his early 30s. He lost 140 pounds doing this and is in his 70s now I think. I like to take advice from people who have experienced it firsthand. And then overcome it!
Good to hear from you.