Hung over and lonely. Just want to feel special again, and t

Hung over and lonely. Just want to feel special again, and that makes me feel pathetic.

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No that does not make you pathetic. You are a strong person, S. And remember that you are never alone. I'm sorry you are feeling like this. YOU ARE SPECIAL!

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You are not pathetic! I understand the lonely thing. I am going through it also. You are not alone, we are all here to support one another. The holidays are a bad trigger. I have been triggered and it is bad. MH is going to MN for Christmas to be with his family. I want nothing to do with them as his dad is an alchoholic, mom gave permission for him to do this, one brother has depression, and the other is messed up also. I am choosing to stay home and be with my family. It is hard. These triggers will go away with time but my therapist said that it is always going to be in the back of my mind. Chin up as today is a new day! Sending you hugs!

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@skhc oh no, so sorry to learn of your friend’s death. It hits home and messes with your heart and mind. Hugs to you. You are not pathetic, you are kind, loving and a decent person.

Very sorry to hear about your loss. I'm going out with friends tonight, so I'll probably be hungover and lonely tomorrow myself lol. You're not pathetic at all, you're just going through a very difficult time.

We all feel that way sometimes. But remember we are all special and deserve to be treated that way. We can't let the betrayers in our lives kill our self esteem (I know that is easier said than done). Keep your head held high and remember that we love you.

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