Husband addicted to hydrocodone

I have suspected for several months that my husband is taking hydrocodone. I have caught him stealing them from his mothers meds. I never thought I would be in this situation. I really have no idea what to do. A few months ago I asked him about the pills and boy did he get irrate! We have a beautiful family, I'm so afraid he's going to mess it all up. I've noticed he drinks alot more also, about 5 beers and several shots of cheap nasty vodka a night. Its to a point that when I get home from work I can tell he's already messed up. Keep in mind I get home at 5:30 pm!! He has a great career but I don't how he can keep the pills and his position. We fight all the time about this. He says things like..I don't have an addictive personality that he has control! Then usually he'll turn it on me. My daughters are constantly saying is daddy ok? Also, keep in mind this is not social for him, he drinks alone and takes pills alone every night. The man I married woke up at 6 am on weekends and got crap done. Know he wakes up at ten and takes naps through out the day. I just need help! Do I leave or try to help? I'm not one to go down on a sinking ship!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Oh girl, Do I hear ya. I have known for a while or suspected that my bofriend of 8 years was using herion. of course he deny it. Then said yes recreationally. Really there is no such thing. I left to go visit my sister for a night 2 days ago and came home to find a 2 inch burn hole in the sheet thru the mattress pad and into the mattress. I hardly believe the or I must have fallen a sleep with a cigeratte. More like you were to messed up to even know what you were doing. I went out to smoke a cigeratte last night and went to put my cigeratte butt in an emoty can in the recycle bin and found 3 syringes stuffed in the cans. Recycling got picked up 2 days prior.
But on the up side I went to a support meeting a while back and they told me something that helped a bit. In fact I think I should go back there again. They gave me no answers and didnt even try to do that. Just told me their story. One woman explain to me that addicts control their significant others by either fear or anger. For me that is soooo true. I am either scared all the time or angry. Just no how I thought my life would be. I am an ordinary woman, job, kids, pay my bills on time do the right thing, and don't understand how this happened to me. And most of all why I tolerate it. Because remember if we didnt let them treat us like they they couldn't. They told me to quit worrying. The truth will come out sooner or later. They were right, I quit worrting and was actually not so stressed. But then you get hit with the facts full force and are cornered into doing something, and god knows what that is, or doing nothing and continuing the crazy insane life it puts all the stress back there. I suggest trying to find a support group. Don't expect them to tell you you are right and your husband are wrong. They will tell you what they did to "survive" and not go crazy. I think I need to take my own advice and head back there. There is peace to be had, they can't fix your husband but they can help you fix yourself. Good Luck.

Hi ataloss, I am sorry for what you and your kids are going through. Your husband has to be willing to help himself. Whether you stay or leave is up to you. You may think about checking out Alanon and/or Naranon for yourself. They are support groups for family and friends of alcoholic and addicts. Here are the links for them:

Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))