Husband got a new car

My husband got a new car last Thursday. He is so very happy. He acts like a little boy. It is a new toy for him to play with. I am like, if he is happy I am happy. If cars is what excites him and is his interest, I am definitely cool with that.

Thats really exciting!! My boyfriend just got a new truck and he loves showing it off! lol.. What kind of car did he get??

He bought a 2010 Dodge Charger SRT8. The color is Deep Water Blue Pearlcoat. He is ecstatic about it. He loves showing it off also and taking everyone for a spin in it. LOL I just bought a truck back the end of July. I bought a 2010 black Ford Ranger Super Cab. There are some great deals going on out there with buying 2010s now. We got a great deal on both vehicles. What kind of truck did your boyfriend get?

Im so jealous!! I've been wanting a dodge charger!!! My boyfriend got a 99 Dodge Cummins

Well, if you were near enough I am sure he would be glad take you for a spin around the block in it. He loves driving it. He traded in his black 2009 Charger RT with a 3.5 Hemi for it. I just looked at the Dodge Cummins. That looks like a nice truck. I love trucks myself. My husband loves cars. What color of truck did your boyfriend get?

Its black and regular cab.. which is no fun when he wants someone to come ride around with us! lol

I love black. Sounds like your boyfriend has a very nice truck. I went from a 2006 Dakota Quad cab to the 2010 Ford Ranger Super Cab because my kids are older now. 2 of them have their own cars. It is mostly my youngest daughter and me that ride in my truck. I was tired of a big ole truck. Plus it was a straight shift and I wanted an automatic. Straight shift is fine but it is aggravating when you live in a small town area with lots of stop lights and have to constantly be changing gears. I really love my new truck. It fits just right for me.

Im glad you like your new truck!! Im not a big ford fan i like chevy! haha.. i live in a small town too, and my boyfriends from a town with about 200-300 people in it so we have to go on a country road somewhere so he can teach me to drive a stick.. so far, i suck! lol

Hey Amanda, You can do it. I learned to drive a stick shift when I was 15. It was either learn or not drive at all since my mom's truck was a stick shift. Vehicles with the stick shift get better gas mileage so I am told so that is a plus for your boyfriend. Just relax and it will come to you. ((((hugs))))

The only problems i've really had so far with driving a stick is starting it and going in reverse. But until my dr okays me to drive, theres no practice for me!!:(