Hello, I wanted to see if anyone is on Hyper-Cvad. It seems like many of you are on R-Chop. I have to alternate between 2 different treatments every 3 weeks and have to receive in hospital for 4 days. I hate staying in the hospital but I do what I have to do.

Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for being here. I just wanted to offer my support. I hope that one of our wonderful Supporters here can help you and give you guidance. I know that you will make it through your hospital stay and come out better on the other end of it :-)

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you sooo much for your kind words!! Have a wonderful day! Cute dogs!! I hve a french bulldog named Meatball!

Hi Elizabeth,Welcome to our family here.I've actually never heard of this course of treatments,is it called anything else?Did look it up though,that's some wild juicy juice your on.Have for years called Chemo my juicy juice,hope it doesn't offend you.Don't blame you about the hospital thing.I was at my last treatment 9 hrs. and thought I'd likely lose my mind.Hate being confined.My hubby is a prison guard and I always tell him it's like being in prison.Many times with the storm comes the rainbow.Look forward to the rainbow.Plan something fun to do when you all over treatment,be good to yourself.Take care,God Bless.

Hi Michelle, Yes I know all about Hyper-Cvad...been doing it since September...THat's the only name it's called. I just found out today I may only have one treatment left and then have to start radiation for a few weeks. I should know everything for sure by Thurs. Going in next Monday for hopefully my last chemo treatment ever!! (well besides maintenance). We actually already planned something fun!! We're going to go to Hawaii!!! I just have to have shoulder length hair first!!

That's great news!As far as the hair oh well I went on vacation with my hair short and what there was of it-red.My natural color is brown and I dye it blonde ,guess I tried too soon and ended up red.It was just too fine to try and redye.Certainly was different.My best to you through out your last treatments.Take care.

Hi Elizabeth,Dec. of 2009 I found out I had Mantle cell Lymphoma. I went through the Hyper C-vad regiment. A 'series first then ' B' series. every 3 weeks and 5 days in the hospital. Not alot of fun but you CAN and will get through it. Went to the University of Penn in Philly in August for stem cell transplant. A little ruff but 23 days straight in the hospital really sinks. Luckly my family lives only a hour away.My hardest part was my red count, it always dropped so low. Though everything I received 47 units of blood.I was out of work for a year. Now I'm back to work, my last Pet-scan was all clear!Next Pet-scan is in 3 weeks.We can all get through it. Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference.-Winston Churchill.

Hi Mik-e…I did get through it!! All done with that part. Now I have about 2 weeks and then have to start radiation. Did you go through the C-vad and then get the transplant? I idn’t need that many blood transfusions…4 total and I had 8 treatments. I didn’t have really any side effects either except I would get sick every 3rd day on the methotrexate cycle. It will be a week Thurs that I completed it. I started out thinking I was going to need 12 treatments total but dr changed…happy about that! Glad to hear you’re doing so well!! Awesome!!

Hang in there, can can see the light at the end. Family and friends play such a big part. I hope you continue on your path to wellness.Keep going we will be waiting for completion.Mike :)

Have been on this treatment since Dec. 2010. Going into my 6th in June and the doctor said it will be my last because of the cumulative affects of the chemo on my numbers (going lower faster and staying lower longer). Treatment B seemed to be the worst in terms of recovery between hospital stays. Also experienced a neutropenic fever and pneumonia in March after a B treatement. I'm in remission, thank God. I thought I would have to have 8 treatements total so this is a real gift. There isn't as much info out there for this treatment as the CHOP but you can find info on oncoLink through the Uof P. I hope you are doing well and relying on friends and family to help you. I have mostly great days but occasionally hit the wall. I wish I had found this site sooner but will stay connected for the maintenance program (2 years) and receive and give support. W