Hypothyroidism just one of many things...lol

It's just one of the things I deal with from day to day, but the most uncomfortable part I'm finding lately is the sensitivity to temps....re: heat/cold weather anyone else??

Hi Blueeyes, would you mind my asking what type of sensitivity are you experiencing? Is it that you get incredibly cold [more so than you normally would have] when the temp drops and the same to heat?

Yes, it's almost as if I freeze when it's colder and over heat when it warms up .... like my body temp is telling me it's 20 degrees when it's only 40 and it's 100 when it's only 80............. I feel like my skin is touchous sometimes does that make any sense????

It does make sense. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Have you asked your doctor about this and gotten any better insight?

nothing yet just working on getting meds balanced...had a bad reaction to upping one of my meds this weekend for the restless legs so dont know whats next??

Oh, I am so sorry that you had that reaction to your meds, though I hope that you are doing better now. How are you feeling?

tired today but much better than a few days ago :)

I am so happy to hear that. Get lots of rest and relaxation. Sleep well and let me know how everything continues to progress for you.

OK... thanks :0)