I absolutely hate being a diabetic. My life in run by number

I absolutely hate being a diabetic. My life in run by numbers ! All the rules, what you can't have or can !
I don't want to be doing this anymore. I just want off this merry,- go round ! Life is no longer fun !

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*hugs* I feel so sorry for you, it is very troublesome indeed if your life is run by numbers, i wish for you to be able to eat anything that you would, i therefore hope for a cure against diabetes soon, it's such a terrible disease and so many people suffer from it. Why can't there be a cure for this already?

Thanks for letting me vent ! You would think that one day that they would find a cure ! I don't want my life focused on food but it seems like I can't get away from it!

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Typeone my self

I understand, it is difficult for you too !

Forgot to type there's hope, some stem cell research. The link had more info. Share that :) also don't pressure your self, throw the rules out and. I run from 10-20 mmols regularly. It's hard as hell tring to not kill your self. I run high because I'm active and don't want to lose my low warning sign. If your newly diagnosed remember high is a long term damage so learn as much as you can but make sure you give your self time to learn it all properly instead of rushing.

I've been s diabetic for about 6 years. I know that I could be considered new, but it's been long enough for me ! I do watch my numbers and try to eat what's allowed but I have always been in control and I hate diabetes being in control over me.
I have Non Alcoholic Ciroshis of the Liver. I got it from taking too much OTC pain relief, like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. The doctors give me about 5 more years until I need a transplant. I won't go that way.
To much a burden on family and the cost would be prohibited.
Thank you for your encouragement! You have a great attitude that will make it.
I care, Calayx

ok, you are looking at it the wrong way... just for a moment imagine you lost your foot, or a hand, or any extremity, would you accommodate? or throw in the towel ? I would accommodate. unfortunately this is pretty much the same, only you lost your pancreas. just cuz no one can see it doesn't make the trip any better. now you have to learn what your pancreas did, and how to accommodate for the loss, just like any other body part you might loose. it isn't hard, but there is a slight learning curve. you first have to learn what your pancreas did, then now to replicate it, and third how your body reacts to it, we are all different, it really sux that you have to, but welcome to reality. you can live (and I mean really live) or die, please choose one...

and just for the record, I hate it too.

@DigitHeads Thanks for your post. I never thought about it that way. I’ll check up on my pancreas !

Yeah, when everyday is different as far as activity goes for free time and work its a ***** I actually lost my job because i can't handle the roller-coaster of crap. I barely have numbers under 10 mmols because I'm tired of trying not to kill my self. It's not duplicating your pancreatic function but every aspect of your life needs to change, like i said i lost my job because i can't control it and that's to much. Iv lost everything this year job,marriage, friends and sanity. Kudos to those of you who can control it, even with the stress of dealing with it

it does a lot more thank you think, but once you learn that and how your body reacts *poof* you can level yourself right out. I can predict how much fast acting insulin I am going to need and inject before I eat, not after. it really works, just change the way you look at the problem.

I know, I've been a diabetic for only about 5 years and I still hate it ! I mean to calculate what you have in coffee drives me bonkers !
You know, it always looks like the change the rules nearly every week. I get set up with a good insulin and food program....then find out what I could have last week, I can't have now.
Thanks for letting me vent !