I almost had a break down at work. I had to leave early from

I almost had a break down at work. I had to leave early from early

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How are you now? Thing any better?

I found a therapist already I'm just waiting for my insurance to approve it.

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That is good

Being unemployed is tough for me didn't think it would be this hard finding a job

@dec28th I know. I’m in the same boat.

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear what you went through. It's good you found a therapist. How are you feeling now? Is everything okay? Would you like to share what triggered you to this? Looking forward to hear more from you. Sending hugs & prayers your way!

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I am so confused I was recently talking this famous person were getting along good all of a sudden bam he block me says not contact him freaked me out I am not stalker he knows that haven't contacted him since freaked me out much so very confused as to why he ghosted me hurt me but oh well.

I am not talking to men for awhile just turns out bad each time most of them are jerks around here.

@dec28th around here meaning this site? Or your neighborhood? I just went through that for 3 years I stayed away but it was men in general I was angry, bitter, and hurt. There are jerks everywhere even in women. I just had to stop picking the wrong people and could only do that be healing, forgiving, and changing how I feel about myself. Now I choose wiser who I want to let in it’s my choice not there’s we are worth making valuable choices I look at the heart and I speak my mind, I’m working on being completely honest about how I feel or how what they said or did makes me feel. We need to protect ourselves from those kinds of people that don’t care about us truly they just care about being seen and heard Don’t really care about humanity. So stay true to you and the bad ones will fall be the waste side.