I am 22. I was diagnosed when I was 12. I was in the hospita

I am 22. I was diagnosed when I was 12. I was in the hospital in January because I was sick and it led to me being delirious, so I took extra of my medication without realizing it. I then had a seizure in February. Lately, I just don't know what to do. I have depression too. I changed my career path like 5 times. I am scared and I just don't know what to do with my life. I don't like feeling afraid that I could have another seizure. I don't have my license and I rely on my parents for rides, and I don't like putting that on them because where I live there is no public transportation. What does everyone do for a career? or if you're still in school what do you want to do? Does anybody feel like I do? What did you do? I hate feeling like I can't do anything or anything I might be interested in doing I can't because school will be stressful or the classes with being too early because I take medicine. Thanks for any responses.

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I don't have epilepsy, but my nephew does, so I sort of think I have an idea what you're up against with regard to trying to work. Do you like to write a lot? When I was raising small children I worked as a news reporter and most of my work I did at home. Sometimes I'd have to attend a short meeting near my house. But mostly, I worked from home doing interviews on the phone, researching, writing, and then I'd send my story in via e mail. More recently they started having news reporters do a lot of blogging online too. So mostly it's at home, if you are a correspondent (free lancer.) That is one option. So when I did that I lived in a small town with nearly no bus transportation. But my meetings were blocks away at the school district building, or maybe at city hall. I didn't even have a degree.

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I’m looking into nutritionist and I’m interviewing one next month. I’ve also been writing post for an epilepsy blog. Thanks for the response

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Good luck. I certainly hope it works out for you. That sounds great. I'm sure you have a lot to offer any employer or blog.

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@Scat thanks