I am 28 year old Male. All my life I have suffered from acne

I am 28 year old Male. All my life I have suffered from acne but yet I have persisted and managed to become an excellent doctor but lately the demands of my job have led to severe cystic acne. At times it’s difficult for me to face patients yet I get by it everyday. The most difficult part is while you are trying to allievate their sorrows you are suffering horribly from inside.

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@usualusername I cannot begin to tell you how I feel your pain. I've been under so much stress and with this horrible drug induced lupus (from an antibiotic) I've had really bad flare ups. I was at the doctor last week and I had a short course of cortisone. 2 days off of it and I'm starting to break out again :( it's so hard, because you feel like you just can't get past it.
Congrats to you on becoming a doctor despite the challenges! it really has a deep psychological impact. I'm a sales manager and deal with clients on a daily basis. It's certainly hard to contend with that self conscious feeling or unsolicited advice or even hurtful personal remarks!
I just wondered, as a doctor, is there anything you can prescribe for yourself? Possibly (and hopefully) you already know the dangers of the overprescription of the tetracycline family of antibiotics. (That's what ultimately induced lupus for me).
Anyway, you're not alone :) We're all on that same difficult journey.
I hope things get better for you!

@Madam_Butterfly Unfortunately i have exhausted all possible avenues of treatment including oral isotretinoin. Yes i am quite aware of its side effect profile hence i try to abstain from prescribing medications to my self and i have left this part of my health to a more experienced dermatologist but i do occasionally call in prescriptions for this. I empathize with what you are going through. I really wish it gets better for you!

I can relate to you,cystic acne hurts so bad,I could not sleep at night because of the pain and because my face would touch the pilow.And the psychological burden of it it's really hard to deal with.I had it for the last seven years and I can keep it under control but I get cysts too from stress,or in the best case some vulgar acnee.Stay strong,you are not alone.

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@Pestisor I know the feeling of it being painful :frowning: And it definitely has a psychological impact.
do you follow any particular treatment regime? Do you use any natural based products? Colloidal silver healing gel is soothing and do see a reduction in redness and swelling when I use it.
hopefully one day we’ll all put this behind us and be recovered!