I am 30 and I have an issue with gambling and I'm not sure w

I am 30 and I have an issue with gambling and I'm not sure what to do...I've spent probably over $10,000 by doing cash advances on my credit cards, and just using any extra money I can find. It started when I first won $1000 at the casino about 20 minutes from my house and then I started going more and more and this was about 2 years ago.

I first spent like $6000 with cash advances and then to pay off those credit cards I opened up a $10,000 loan and then proceeded to use my credit card again. I am now in so much debt because of it.

I had $300 left to take out my credit card yesterday and I took it out and then another $200 from my bank account and now I only have like $200

I have a full time job and a part time job and I'm trying so hard to save.

What I've done so far:
1) I told my sister June 2018 that I think I have a problem and showed her all my bank statements. At first she had all these plans to help by opening up a bank account for me to put money into so I wouldn't spend it, and I gave her my bank online password so she could track me. She got busy and only occasionally asked me if I went, and then I would say no and she would say "good" I would go and have been going like 2-3 times a month since I told her. I changed my password to the online bank and my sister didn't even notice. She doesn't ask me about it anymore and I gave up.

2) I banned myself from 2 casino's in the area but literally drove 2 hours to go to one like back in December and have been there like 8 times so far. I've won $2000 so far and that's it.

I got a second job to help me save my money and pay back my debts and I feel like i'm still buried so I'm going to be looking for a higher paying second job bc right now i'm only making $9.50 an hour and pulling in like $100 a week...

No one knows about this but my sister and she said if I went again she would tell my other sister and that's embarrassing. I don't want anyone to know I have this problem.

Maybe I need a support group or to tell more people...I don't know. I need help :(

My family has always been gamblers and I just wish I could pay all this stupid debt off.

I just want to make enough money to not have to work again. I'm so sick of working.

I have like $80,000 of debt (that includes $30,000 of school debt) and Gambling is what got me there...

Advice please...

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Reena, its appalling how many people have debt in this country! I don't think I qualify as an addict but I closely know some one who spends all the ****ing money on gambling ignoring his financial responsibilities. Thats how the ****ers get you, you win initially and then you keep playing (keep loosing) in hopes of getting your money back. You say you are already in 80,000$ in debt, which isn't a joke. If you are unable to get professional help, i think you have to disclose this issue with your close friend and any person who you might think can provide you the accountability and support that you need. I wish you cut down your expenses, make a plan to clearn off your debt in 3 years or so. Godspeed, reena!

I self-excluded myself from every casino in ohio. So i haven't gone since Dec 31st 2019. I'm feeling good.