I am 70 years old I have a 48 year old daughter who had a brI am 70 years old I have a 48 year old daughter who had a

I am 70 years old I have a 48 year old daughter who had a breakdown 17 years ago and now has a form of dementia brought on by all the drugs they put her on, I raised her daughter who she couldn't take care of because she was hospitalized most of the time since she had her breakdown,love this young lady and her children with all my heart.So much going on I st went in her room all mad at me cause I answered the same question for the hundredth time and she said you don't have to get mad at me. I know she can't help it, and I try to answer calmly but when I am trying to concentrate on something and she keeps asking me things like what day is it? where are you going to put this? who am I seeing tomorrow ? ect. ect over and over and over it is very trying to answer without being annoyed.I am with her 24 /7 the agency has places she can go to during the day, but she won't go. I could use the break. She is her own guardian and also gets upset that I am holding her bank card, she orders things she sees on T.V. if she has it. and she complains to her counselors about that , they don't live with her so they don't really see how she is, she can present her self pretty well unless you spend some time with her, but they don't all see it, so I get looked at like I am restricting her for no reason. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh gosh, that is tough. Its difficult to know when to setup Power of attorney and trusts, but earlier is better.

I don't know what you can do unless there is serious diagnosis or other troubles involved.

Also found myself writing down the answer for the dementia family member, kept it on the kitchen table so when they came into room puzzled and questioning, I already had it written down for them.