I am a 27 year Classic Hodgkin's Disease survivor/thriver! I

I am a 27 year Classic Hodgkin's Disease survivor/thriver! I am currently in my 7th battle going through chemo at this time. I have been married to the same wonderful man for the past 31 years. I have a two beautiful adult children. I am here to reach out, support and encourage any one I can. And to be supported and encouraged in return. My journey with Hodgkin's stared when I was 24 years old and I am now 51 years old. I work hard to keep building wellness in my body and spirit. Blessings to all of you suffering with this disease and the side effects from treatments. My heart goes out to you! <3

hugs and support to you! I am glad you are here with us, this is a great place to give and get support. I am glad that you have a strong support base between your children and husband. What have you found to be the most helpful during the chemo process?

Hello Aura82 - thank you! Hugs and support back to you! I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Great question and really got me thinking! The most helpful are: my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible; the way I choose to think - working at a positive, thankful, forgiving attitude; eating an organic, whole food vegan diet - gluten free and no sugar; taking Zofran and Ativan before chemo treatment; walking my dogs, laughing, living, giving and loving as much as possible. I think these are some basics in a nutshell. Thank you for asking and how you are doing? I hope you experience many sweet and joyful moments in this day and in your New Year! <3

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