I am a 3 yr. breast cancer survivor and am now 58. I had m

I am a 3 yr. breast cancer survivor and am now 58. I had my mammograms ever year and it wasn't until 2011 that the test showed something. Scary and difficult to get my mind around. I have two grown kids and they took it as hard as I did but were supportive and doted on me. when I had the mastectomy of that breast; I am now waiting to have it replaced. But there are conditions on which the surgeon will proceed. I have to stop smoking (I have stopped with the hep of chantix), I have to lose 50 lbs. (now that's the hardest; I've lost 25 lbs but feel that I'm stuck and can't go further), and I'm diabetic (and who needs that? Blood sugars are down but any surgery could be bad for me). I say this to say that you will make it, 30 yrs ago you and I would have surely died but today, that's not the case. The chemo is bad but that too will pass. Please keep thinking of the positive about the breast cancer instead of the negatives and I'm sorry that the husband is so distant at a time when you really need him.

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@57jackieH thank you for your post of encouragement to breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer have touched my family my sister -in-law, and cousin-in-law. One is still going through chemotherapy, she was in remission for many years. Until cancer returned recently, with a vengeance,
but she is coping well, with Faith, and family support. I don't know who you referring to, when you posted about their husband. But most men can't handled it when their wives are ill, especially when it something liked cancer, breast cancer in particular. They seemed yo shut off, and seemed so distant. Yes become so emotionless, liked they don't cared about you, and what you are going through. But that is their mechanism of coping with pain. Men were taught to be the strong ones, don't be sensitive and boys,Mir men don't cried. Go to your husband, and tell him how you feel, when he behaved as he is going now.

@57jackieH You will

lose the weight have patience, you didn't put it on overnight, so you won't lose it overnight either. You lost 25 pounds already, you are halfway to your weight loss goal. Be strong, the best is yet to followed...... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported......

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@Irma I’ve gained a lot of the weight back (14 lbs). I’m tired of not eating what i want to eat and I’m going back to this surgeon to request a consult wiith the actual doctorr who will perform the D-flap surgery and see what they say about the amount of weight i have to lose. I’m really blown though.

Thank you Irma. I just want this weight off me NOW. I want my body back as it was before the breast cancer. I sometimes feel so desperate that i don't even want the reconstructive surgery if it means that I have to lose the weigh cause i feel stuck. But I'll keep at it and continue to watch what goes in my mouth. Thanks again.

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I am sure quitting smoking, losing weight and dealing with diabetes are difficult. I have had my masectomy 3 weeks ago and am now in the reconstruction phase. I admit it is not easy as there is constant pressure with the expanders. I wish you health and peace.

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@Crazedwife how has the reconstruction surgery recover gone? Any “side effects”? I pray that you are feelig well now since the surgery was in early April. Tell me that you’re feeling well enough to strut you stuff!