I am a 43 yo male who was diagnosed with Lyme disease about

I am a 43 yo male who was diagnosed with Lyme disease about 5 years ago. Unfortunately I did not follow through on my anti-biotic treatment and now I am afraid this is starting to affect me in more ways than one but specifically my personal life as it relates to being irritable.
I am hoping to talk to other folks who may be in a relationship and having to deal with their own anger management issues. I am not physically abusive but I feel maybe I am emotionally abusive from the fact that I am easily irritate and then I loose control by raising my voice and becoming blaming as I react very quickly to something said by my partner. As an example, One night I am sitting on the couch minding my own business and my partner asks "what's wrong?" I respond very positively but I wonder what I am doing wrong that may prompt this question to even be asked. The following evening while laying in bed, I get asked the same question because I am staring at the ceiling just thinking some random thoughts and I loose it because I am feeling like I am not doing anything wrong and I didn't know there is a right or wrong way to be laying in bed. Does anyone else have a similiar type of situation and how did you cope with this in a positive manner vs. acting negatively?

So you feel your anger is due to the Lyme disease?

Go back to your doctor and get back on a treatment regime. If your initial treatment did not eliminate the Lyme it will re-populate and you'll be back to as bad as (or worse than) you were before. I was diagnosed in 2013 but, after an extensive and EXTREMELY detailed medical history it was determined I was bitten between 1995 and 1996. When I was finally diagnosed my western blot lit up like a christmas tree, in addition to having a CD-57 below 20. Lyme makes me irritable, angry, sad and desperate. Take lots of deep breaths and remember everyone experiences disease differently. You get to choose how you react. I have been known to tell my husband and kids. Leave me alone right now, I'm having a bad sick day. Good Luck.