I am a father of two going through a divorce after finding o

I am a father of two going through a divorce after finding out my wife, who is a lesbian, cheating on me multiple times with multiple women. I filed for divorce but I can't get over her and think about her all the time. The divorce has lingered for over a year now due to custody issues. I have temporary custody so when we go to meet my kids mom, I continue to relive what used to be and what still could have been. I just can't get her out of my mind and still love and miss her so much.

Oh my gosh. So sorry you are so hurt right now. Glad you joined the group. I hope by talking about it you can feel some relief. I am here for you to talk and listen.

Thank you. I appreciate it

Just starting the process....going to pace myself and not rush. I will be hard on us but it is a relief once all the lies are out of the way and we can move on. Get a good support system...I can't believe how many buddies I have that are all at different stages and are helping each other out. Some remarried, some just divorced, some in the middle of the legal battle and me just a the start...we can all help each other...I just brought it up to a few and they were more than happy to help and support. Women tend to do that better than us guys but I think we are learning going through it alone just leads us to become bitter, resentful or look for quick fixes like drinking or quick new relationships. It is a process that none of us should have to go through. Message any time.

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