I am a new group member. I am trying to find a reputable pro

I am a new group member. I am trying to find a reputable provider of Cialis in Canada that does not require a prescription. Understand some providers will do a phone “physical” for prescribing it. Anyone have a tpossible source? I hate to shoot in the dark on it.

https://www.getmaple.ca/ Try this site and most drug companies can give you coupons for the meds. for free or you can ask for samples.

@Jennipain thanks for the info; I will follow up.

A prescription is required in Canada in order to sell Cialis. Any online provider that does not require a prescription is not reputable. More importantly, ED is a condition that can result from a variety of medical conditions. It's important to see a doctor in order to understand the underlying cause.

@RobertNicholson thanks for the response and yes, I am under the care of a urologist and Cialis works best for me. Just trying to find alternatives for a cheaper way to get the meds. Some suppliers have been shut down by the Canadian government with the threat that out of country prescriptions cannot be honored. I have heard there are suppliers that will do a phone “office call” and qualify you to get the product without worrying about getting a Canadian prescription . Their way of circumventing the out of country prescription issue