I am a new menber. I have had tinnitus for over two years. D

I am a new menber. I have had tinnitus for over two years. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to relieve the constant noise in my ears? I need some help here! Thanks.

my only suggestion would be see an ENT and/or an audiologist. Tinnitus has various causes, and some are treatable, while others are not. Mine is not

I agree. Please see a doctor or audiologist as soon as you can. My doctor told me that he could have at least slowed down my hearing loss if I had seen him earlier. I had had tinnitus for quite a while before having it checked out. Keep well.

I have seen an ENT and an audiologist and both of them have indicated that thy cannot help me. Are there any other therapies that can at least alleviate some of these symptoms? I have tinnitus so bad that it woke me up in the middle of the night.

@mouse65 I have heard some use white noise maskers, others have suggested hypnotherapy worked for them. what I am having some initial success with is my hearing aids, but I have hearing loss unrelated to tinnitus

Me too. With the tinnitus and the hearing loss, it has been difficult. I have hearing aids, but I am no longer sure they are the best ones for me.
Does anyone else have hearing aids that they can recommend?

@mouse65 i have ReSounds. so far going well. still getting used to them

Thanks for the recommendation.

I am a new member also. I've had tinnitus for about 4 years. Mine is a roaring like several airplanes flying overhead or a hugh exhaust fan in the attic. I've had a hearing loss and have worn hearning aids for over 30 years which helped up to when I started with the tinnitus. Now the social factor has set in. I have used MDHearing Aids for years and they served very well while I could be helped.

@jspruill have you checked into anything else that might help?

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