I am an inconsiderate ____, Because I don't want to "allow"

I am an inconsiderate ____, Because I don't want to "allow" my father to put "items" in my clean area. "The whole argument is he doesn't have enough space or a storage area for growth of his hoard" Because taking over the living-room, dining room, kitchen, crawl space, and garage. Is not enough space for his things. I am positive that the crap on the bottom of the 5 foot stacks of stuff hasn't been used or needed in 3 years but of course it's his "precious" things and therefore must not be used but instead let sit and rot away...

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It must be very hard to live like this, but to them it is precious, I don't know that I ever really understood until I watch United States of Tara, and the MIL is a hoarder, to others it was all junk, but to her it made her happy. I understand it is Hollywood, but I suppose it made the human need for this stuff understandable. Have you ever asked him why all this stuff if needed?

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