I am at my worse right now my very worse. It feels like my h

I am at my worse right now my very worse. It feels like my head is about to explode from all my crying and any movement I make my chest hurts. I feel very low about myself. I've been divorced 3 years now. My ex is enjoying his life with the person I divorced him over . I caught HSV2 right after my divorce because I was so desperate to numb the pain and it only made matters worse. So much good has happened this year but I can't seem to enjoy it because I'm down about my ex still being with that girl. I want to move on so bad but I don't want to reveal to anyone ever that I have HSV2. I don't want to pass this on to anyone. I am devastated and in a horrible place right now and I've always been a good person who suffers mentally.

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i'm so sorry your journey continues with so much pain.
try not to focus on your ex!! that grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side! you truly don't know and frankly, it is no longer any of your concern.

you can and you shall move ahead once you let go... how long will it take? only life knows. it took me years to get over an ex-fiancée, but after being married 23 years, only now can i see why life forced me down that path. it was all for the better! it was a lesson life sent me to "Learn The Hard Way"!!

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@a_survivor I thought I knew how to let go but obviously I don’t but thanks for your advice.

I understand what your feeling. It is so overwhelming and depressing to think about. As time goes on it will get better. We are here for you.

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Thank you @lifeoflola

It’s overwhelming I know…it will get better…keep your head up!

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Thank you @316mp