I am at the anger stagewhat to do with it

After to crying and feeling of being alone..i am at that anger stage and not sure what to do with this anger?? After being divorced for 4 yrs and found myself in a new awesome relationship for over a year and now that has ended..what do i do with this anger??

Excellant question, stay busy & focus on YOU & not what others are doing, it takes as long as it takes, we are all different. Try & learn by looking back, reflecting on how in the future you can achieve a better peace of mind, strength in yourself & better esteem if needed to get past the anger stage. We are only in control of ourselves, not others. Be easy on YOU my friend, give yourself the time.


Thanks for your encouraging words April. I know that everyday brings something new.


Hi Pharmachick, thank you for sharing your story. I think that it's normal to have feelings of anger after a relationship ends, most especially depending on how it ended. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, but try to work through them in a healthy and positive way; cry if you need to cry (I usually have a good long cry by myself in the shower or in my bedroom), go for a long walk and take long deep breaths, work-out (running always helps get my emotions in check/tact). I know that you will get through this period in a healthy way. Please keep sharing here.

you are great,you blessed also,just keep moving and live yourlife to the fullness, but what do you want to do now do you still need alife partner than we can be by your side always,good character guaranteed, if you need just email us at