I am broken to pieces. I will not survive any longer

I am broken to pieces. I will not survive any longer.

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You can and will. Because it's worth it. This is not the end. It's the beginning.

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I feel SO sad. OMG!!!!!

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I don’t know what to do with myself

You're not falling apart, you're falling into place. It's a matter of perspective. I know you are sad. You must grieve and you must cry, but I promise things can and will get better.

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Are you ok? Don't be sad. Your feelings are just that...feelings. They are your perception of a particular situation at this moment. It's going to pass.

I'm not okay. Not at all:(
I usually can manage my feelings, (like not actually....), but now ITS REALLY BAD

@Sufferingrisa You answered your own predicament. You usually manage your feelings, but not really. Would it be safe to say you avoided them rather than dealing with them?

Hope ur ok have you told a doctor how you feel or maybe get some therapy. I've been in therapy for a month now and I think its helping I'm slowly trying to make changes in my life

I'm in therapy for years my dear

I had the same feelings yesterday. I stayed home all day and I feel I was having anxiety attacks. This morning, I woke up...did NOT want to go to work, but fortunately, I was sick of feeling sick. I went to work and got involved in some projects and felt much better. Yesterday, I thought I would never get over the feelings I was having. Now, I know, how bad things can get. Please do not make any rash decisions. It will pass, your brain has a way. At least you are posting on here. I think you are reaching out and there have been some really great responses and support. I have used 7cupsoftea.com before, you can actually chat with someone, one-on-one, if you need immediate help. Keep in touch!

I felt the same way that you are right now - back in 2003, when my wife left. I wanted to die I was so sad. But, as life goes on, you realize that there is a lot to live for and much to do... Life is a gift. We learn along the way - and grow... Be sad today; tonight, then sleep and wake up not allowing yourself to go where you are tonight... BUT, for tonight only, feel sad... and think about what will make you happy... Then, from tomorrow, forward, focus on those things, be it goals, situations, whatever you desire.

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Does your dad live there too? Just some questions to ask... Is your husband physically or verbally abusive?
My first concern is that you are in a safe environment. Is he not leaving due to his finances? I found for me the only way I could get my ex out was filing the divorce papers and going to court.