I am completely alone. My kids disowned me. I have always

I am completely alone. My kids disowned me. I have always had a bf or relationship. Past year just a few dates and nothing. I have no friends and work alone, self employed.

I really don't even want to be here anymore except for my animals.

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Do you know why they disowned you? Do you think they thought you picked your bf's over them? How old are your kids? One thing you could consider is send them a Thanksgiving card. Who knows what they will do with it but the point is showing them in some small way that you still think about them and love them is a positive for them and you. If you do send them one simply don't expect anything just send them a card.
Do you have other family like siblings parents? Start trying to think of positive things you can do to put yourself out in the world more. Maybe going to the library, maybe a part time job.. Go for walks and if the weather's bad you could walk at the mall if you live near one or walk at a home improvement store. The only way to start to rebuild your life is to take steps in a positive way it won't happen over night but you will have improvements and hope. But if you do nothing then there's no hope. You can do it even though you are feeling really bad right now you just have to start somewhere.

Unfortunately a lot of it has to do with my ex-husband and his subsequent wives my oldest son is 21 my younger one is 18.

A lot of it just had to do with different opinion on responsibility.

my older son did a lot of things while living in my house that caused destruction to my house due to his negligence and attitudes.

I had to have him evicted

it’s a lot that goes into the story background but regardless it just seems like anyone that was my friend for one reason or another has turned their back and even business associates I wound up realizing we’re not who I thought they were.

the worst part is I’ve not been able to find a relationship now with anybody and I’m completely isolated and honestly some days I just don’t want to be her.e anymore.

Mt fear is dying and know one would care or know

very sorry for this

Very sorry for the loneliness. Losing beloved fam mbrs can feel like you've been dropped off a cliff and you start questioning yourself sometimes even throwing a lot of guilt and shame on top...I don't have an Ex, but grown kids seem to taken a perspective that feels almost impossible to understand, to wrap our heads around. Not a lot of respect out there right now.
When we've built our lives around them, the loss of all those hopes and dreams can be so devastating!
Ppl say to help yourself by figuring out what interests you, what hobbies you could share with a trusted group out there. They are finally starting to return after covid. Do you have any pets? Love music, art, Theater performance, Gamer, Nerdy stuff (like a lot of us lol) ?
You can go on "MeetUp" online sites local to you to connect...example: there is a group of my community mbrs who meet once a week to Run /walk/ Hike, etc..
Need some healing laughter? Figure out what still makes you bust a gut -go see an Improv performance group...
All these things are not quite the same as what you are missing but if you want to have any kind of relationship that feeds your soul and makes you want to live, you sort of have to jump off and trust the Universe they'll show up in your life at the proper time. If you're into a spiritual life, ask God and pray for finding a group that oozes with FAITH. Some ppl tell me they give God a 'Timeline' to get it done by LOL.
sorry, this got long

@Littlesis7 sorry just saw that you have animals :slight_smile: