I am curious am taking Cymbalta and haven't taken it in seve

I am curious am taking Cymbalta and haven't taken it in several days. I take 60mgs and 30 mgs it;s the 30 mgs that I have missed taking, because my doctor has not sent my prescriptions fax to the drug store. When I called them on Thursday they said they would fax it I feel so angry at them.

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@sara600 I just called my pharmacist and asked if you would have withdrawal from missing the 30mg of a total 90mg of Cymbalta. He said since you're still taking 60mg, you'd be okay without the 30mg until Monday. He said you might experience some withdrawal, but it wouldn't be as bad because you have some Cymbalta in your system. So, it looks like you'll be good until tomorrow. I'm sorry if I worried you concerning my reaction to missing my Effexor. I'm so happy you can make it until tomorrow and get your 30mg back. I hope you've had a good weekend.

@GirlKitty On Sunday I was able to get my prescription drugs, but they could only give me two of each. So I still need to go and see my doctor…She makes it almost impossible for me to get them especially when I really need them. but my doctor’s office stopped taking faxes from the drug store. That makes I need to see her every 3 months…