I am devistated Please help

Lilac, I don't think I'm ok.

My lungs are not good. In addition to that, for almost a year now I have been allergic to both my bunny rabbits, their hay and shavings causing my lungs to get worse. I have been hospitalized for this problem 4 times this year and my doctor said I have to give up my rabbits. I'm on ther maximum amount of daily lung medicine they can give me. My bunny rabbits are my kids as you can see from Bazoo's Christmas picture. I don't know what I'm gonna do without them. I don't have family or friends, but 2 of my neighbors are nice. I've been praying alot that, where ever Bazoo and Oliver end up, they will be very loved, well taken care of. They are use to being pampered. They don't live like regular rabbits. They have their own room called BUNNYLAND with an extra large rabbit play pen, a bunny castle, a roller coaster ride, a bridge, a rabbit stroller they love to ride around in, toys, a grooming station with rabbit supplies. They are both even litter box trained. They are both house rabbits not outside rabbits.

I called the Rabbit Breeders Association today and was refered to a Speces Consultant who deals with mostly rabbits. If he doesn't get back with me in a week, then I'm to call the other guy back.

Can you's help me handle all this? I have been binging non stop for 2 days now.

Oh bunny, i'm so sorry to hear this. But i'm glad that you know that the right thing to do for YOU is to part with your bunnies. It does not mean you don't love them, its very clear that you do, it just means that you are choosing to live....the urgency of what you wrote leads me to believe your situation is quite serious and could cause great harm if you kept the bunnies.

Animals are family, I dont care what anyone says. They understand things sometimes humans dont. My dog KNOWS when im sad, he knows when i need comfort and he knows when i need extra cuddles and slobbery kisses. They are very intuitive. That being said, if your bunnies understood what great harm they are having on your health - they would understand why they are needing a new home.

It does not affect or reflect upon how much you love them...they know how much you love them and that wont change. Have you thought perhaps about giving them to a local school? I know kids in kindergarden/grade 1 often have pets in the class and take great care of them. They would receive a tremendous amount of attention and love from all the kids. Maybe something to think about?


Thank you Lilac. My bunnies are very smart. Bazoo even knows how to give a kiss. I say, "Give mommy kisses good night", and she bumps her nose up to my mouth. She's so cute and very intuitive.

Are you sure they wont stop loving me? Are you sure they wont grow to hate me for giving them up? Are you sure they wont be saying to themselves (especially Bazoo) "What did I do mommy"? Each time I come back from the hospital from being gone for days, Bazoo looks at me, turns around and sits with her back towards me for the longest time. I feel awful every time. Eventually after a while she comes around, hops over to me to let me pet her and give her a kiss.

Do you think maybe God can explain it to them of why they have to leave? That I don't want them to leave but my health needs them to?

No, I hadn't thought about a school but they are use to a very quiet enviornment. They are house rabbits and really do need their space to hop around. I'm hoping they never end up as outside rabbits stuck in a little cage. I'm praying for them so hard.

If they knew the harm they were causing you, they would TELL you if they had a voice that they need a new home. They wouldn't want to be responsible for harming you. You have to know that!!