I am doing okay. I am new to this group and I have learning

I am doing okay. I am new to this group and I have learning disabilities since I was born. I do not have alot of friend to hang out with and go places. I am looking for a support group in my area but there nothing around me.

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welcome! how are you doing?

Response 9/10/18
@chriissy Check out the link below if you have not done so already to see if an LD support group exists in your area?


You might also call the public school in your town and ask to speak to the school psychologist. Ask them if they know the names and phone #s of professionals who run support group for LD adults.

Also check out the following link to identify a therapist in your area. Then call their office and explain what youre looking for. Ask if they run groups for LD adults or know of another therapist in your area who does.


I wish you the best

I know university around my area who have society clubs can actually have club for LD students and other types of disabilities. They have meetings talk about how to support the community, doesn't have to be students it's all types of people can join the LD club I'll attach a link it's just a example but I reckon if you have universities near by go look on their webpage you might be suprised they have support club for it.


@kgmaxwell majority of the time I’m messaging at 3am in the morning on my small mobile phone. I don’t know if my writing has improved or not but I would like to think so. Thanx for noticing haha!