I am doing well. 3 years ago I thought I was dying and with

I am doing well. 3 years ago I thought I was dying and with the symptoms my high thyroid was in emergency once a week for a month. I have had a long journey but actually feel "normal" now, something I never thought would happen again. Want to be of help to others suffering now and give back for the help I received.

thank you for being here and offering your support. What helped you get to where you are today? We are here for you as well!

What helped me (eventually) was methimazole. In the meantime...it took 6 weeks for it to help....I used on-line support that assured me I COULD get better; going gluten free; eliminating coffee (made my BP soar). I resisted but also went on anti-anxiety meds for the panic attacks with this disease and I must admit, it did help. This has been 3 years now and with minor med. adjustments in the methimazole I am living a normal life. I am still GF. I have many, over 20,n cysts on my thyroid and go in every year for ultra sound. If any have grown I get needle biopsies on them to rule out cancer. I have been able to avoid surgery or radiation with the drug. How long this will last? With this disease you just learn to take a day at a time.

@mtman1 Just know there is hope! You can feel better. I didn’t think I ever would but I did! And my symptoms were severe…was in ER almost every weekend. BP shooting to over 200 then dropping to 80’s, panic attacks, nausia, vomiting, weight loss, depression, racing heart, pounding heart, etc. etc. Today I am symptom free if I am careful. I avoid all seafood or foods with high iodine. This will send me into immediate symptoms.