I am ending my relationship with my boyfriend. I really hav

I am ending my relationship with my boyfriend. I really have never come across anyone like him in my lifetime and for the life of me I can't u derstand why I've stayed as long as I have. I am a well balanced, pleasant individual with a lot to offer, but for some reason the more this guy pushed me away and then pulled me back in, I became so wrapped up in the relationship that I've forgotten who I am. I have had enough. I don't like the way I am, how he makes me feel or us together anymore. I just want to move on, but I keep finding myself trying one more time. He's cold, unaffectionate and blunt, so very blunt.....I am just the opposite. I just want out!!!!

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Seems like you're confident that this is what you want. So make it official and let him know upfront. There's no reason to continue with this relationship,when you deserve something better. I've been in your shoes. Waiting on him to get better will only waste your time. Good luck. :)

Waiting for him to get better is clearly a waste of time. I am very confident in what I want, implementing it though is another story .... I have tried so many times. Everytime I get an inkling from him that he's being nice, I get weak. I am really so tired of it. I want to do it once and for all. We've agreed that the best thing to do right now is to take some time apart, but we never seem to get past the first day. But today is day 1....again.....and I'm determined this time to make it stick. I've muted his notifications on my phone so I won't be tempted to answer a text. The first week will be the hardest

You know what is wrong in the relationship, you know this head been going on for a while and that things will never change. You've reached that point where you are strong enough to leave! Don't go back with him because you'll be back to square one. Unless it is what you want! Good luck !


Good for you! Good luck! In retrospect, I wish I ended mine before he cheated on me. I think I stayed mainly for my daughter. So dumb, in hindsight. It would've saved me a lot of grief.

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Moments of weakness really do suck, but I need to stay focused. I don't want to fall back into it again. It's so easy to do though