I am extremely stressed out. I spent entirely too much money

I am extremely stressed out. I spent entirely too much money today. I spent a bit over 100 dollars and I feel bad that some of it was for myself. I was christmas shopping and I am always buying stuff for other people because I can not stand buying things for myself, especially when it is expensive. I have more than enough money left in my account, but I get super anxious when it gets under $500. I dont know how to stop social shopping because its the only thing that seems to make me happy and calm anymore.

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Well seriously , you don't have to neglect yourself in this way. You should love yourself in the same way as you love others. I mean if you don't have any problems buying stuff for someone else, why do you have a problem buying something for yourself? Are others really so much better then you yourself? It doesn't make any sense. It's not a sin to buy something for yourself. Instead you should just buy what you need (emphasize on what you really need, not junk). It's ok to do controlled shopping, you only buy what you seriously need. It's ok to treat yourself to something nice (maybe once a month), with a nice manicure or sauna. I mean after you die the money is useless anyway. Money is a tool to achieve things. Nothing more, so no reason to attach any emotions to it. Like any tool, learn how to properly handle it.

maybe you want to read the book Household Gold (How to Convert Household Expenses into Household Income)


Or maybe other self help books on dealing with finances, so that you don't go into a state of self emotional torture to yourself over money.

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thank you very much!

It's the holiday season and you deserve to spoil yourself too

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Heyy you got yourself something you deserve I bet
No wrong in that