I am feeling a little lost. I was drugged and there for "luc

I am feeling a little lost. I was drugged and there for "lucky" that I don't remember anything, however I have a head injury that I have no idea how it happened, my whole body aches even weeks later. I just want to move on and forget this ever happened. I just feel like once I am healed and my head doesn't hurt all the time and the STI tests are all done I can move on with my life, at least not have a daily reminder when the light shines in my eye and i have to close them because it hurts. I don't get how people can be so violent and horrible. I just seriously want to move far away and never come back.

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How did you become aware that you were raped if you were drugged and dont remember. I am still trying to come to terms with even calling what happened to me sexual assault so it would help me to hear your story if you are willing to share it with me. I've has so much crappy things happen over the last 3 1/2 years and I've come sooo far, bit this is one thing that still makes me tremble when I think about it.

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prayers are with both of you, i'm so sorry

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@Johnnyangel4u thank you :slight_smile:

I woke up the next day my underwear ripped, my bra missing. No idea what happened. My vagina hurt, bad. The Doctor said I had a grade one tear likely to me not being willing or ready, my lady bits were also bruised. luckily no internal damage. because I was on my period the doctor thinks maybe they saw that and just beat me up but I'll never know I guess. I just assume because of how sore i was down there.

your welcome, here if you need to chat