I am feeling anxious and depressed. Just diagnosed with hyp

I am feeling anxious and depressed. Just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Does it always mess with your mind? I have been feeling terrible lately. Does it get better please?

I think it definitely can, I am developing Hashimotos and while I keep telling my endo I am experiencing health issues that are new, they say since my thyroid is still functioning that it probably has nothing to do with it, yet. It is very frustrating! How are you feeling?

I was border hypothyroid, and Ive found that diet has had a huge role in helping. I started taking selenium, which is like a vitamin and essential for thyroid health. It was why i was feeling depressed. And the reason i had hypothyroid was from stress at home, living with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder. So it was a symptom of ptsd. I eventually found that selenium can become excessive after years of taking it, and realized I rarely need selenium now because Ive started drinking morning smoothies made from protein powder, blueberries, chia seeds, flax and hemp seeds. These specifically because these have omega 3 fatty acids, are important from brain and memory and focus, abd protein was a deficiency for me also. So a blood test might help you figure out what nutreints you are deficient in. Akso sunlight in the day, for 30 minutes direct outside is very important for mood regulation systems in your brain that respond to photon stimulation in your eyes. It also regulates your sleep wake cycles, which is essential for appetite, and also getting to bed on time and sleeping well. Very important. These are all mood regulators. Hormone health is influenced by many things.