I am feeling blame and guilt why did I tell my mother about

I am feeling blame and guilt why did I tell my mother about the childhood abuse ... she is getting sick now... or maybe she is just acting ... shel told me that she hated the house and everything...and now I feel like I am responsible for this ... even my older sister she told me that she want to die cause she hated her self being part of this familly .... my sister knew about the abuse before my mom but she didn't react like that until this time ... I'm loosing my mine in this house

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I'm so sorry that is happening. I didn't realize you lived with your mother? If its at all possible maybe you could start planning on getting your own place in the future. This is definitely not helping anyone if all of you are living together. Your sister is just trying to show her alliance to her mother, it's pretty typical behavior in these types of situations. Negativity and toxicity can rub off onto others.

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I'm living with her actually because I didn't start my work so I don't know from where I get my own money to have my own house ... this is what I'm trying to do

@Chahi25 Ok this makes things more difficult. If you aren’t working right now then it would be a good time to find a job because you need to have time away from her and start planning a new life. You and your husband should have more motivation to work on getting out of there. Would his family be any better to stay with?