I am feeling depressed since I have recently developed tinni

I am feeling depressed since I have recently developed tinnitus in my left ear. Not sure if it's from being on Buspirone or caused from an illness I had. I thought it was just a cold, but it may have been the latest strain of COVID. COVID and anti-depressants are both associated with tinnitus. I only take a tiny dose of the med. I have had explosive, sharp sounds in my head which have woken me up at night. So, I have had some issues. I am 69 years old and tinnitus is not covered by Medicare, so I'm on my own to figure it out. I intend upon having my hearing checked since that can cause it too. I'm thankful I found this group. I'll be reading thru others posts to see if their experiences can help me. Thank you.

Would an ENT visit be covered, say for the pain?

@CKBlossom Thank you for the suggestion, but no. There really is no pain just an annoying noise in the head. I’ve read that 90% of people with my type of noise have hearing issues. If it doesn’t subside, a hearing aid might be in my future.