I am feeling low today. I have numerous food allergies; dair

I am feeling low today. I have numerous food allergies; dairy, eggs, nuts, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, cane sugar, yeast, shellfish, bananas, pineapple, beans, lentils, oats...and others. I have been on a total free allergy for a while now and sometimes it just gets to me. Most of the time I can handle it but some days, especially at breakfast and when we go to parties or out to eat. Today is one of those days. The good news is I am slim and work out a lot. Just need some support today. Mahalo

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I couldn’t imagine the food restrictions that you live by! I’m the opposite and eat way too much:( my son has peanut allergies to where he carries an epupen. That’s bad enough but what you endure is so much more. Being fit isn’t bad considering most Americans are overweight. Wish I could wave that magic wand and make you feel better. If I could trade places with you, I would but you would be worse off in the long run. I’m afraid to ask but what can you eat if I may ask? Before my husband died last year, he was a chef and cooked meals for people with food allergies and he said that having a large variety of foods to eat helped and how far you go to prep them. I was the one who set the table. He did the cooking so I hope that made sense.