I am feeling scared and nervous and stressed. My food stamps

I am feeling scared and nervous and stressed. My food stamps got cut because I’m considered an able body person that can work but I keep getting denied disability. I have a number of health conditions including autoimmune, chronic pain and anxiety. The worst is avoidant personality with depressing anxiety. I haven’t gone out of the house to meet people in years . I started therapy few years ago it’s slowly helping at a snail pace but not fast enough where I can get a job and support myself. I feel this society is sick and pressured the Ill with no empathy. Like we are always left behind. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I just thought I’d reach out to others that may understand.

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It's very common to get denied several times but you need to keep applying for disability. Don't give up applying.

Is it Better to Apply for Benefits Again, or Appeal the SSA Decision? Statistically speaking, you will have a better chance of getting your claim approved if you go through the disability appeals process rather than applying a second time.

Is there anyway your therapist could help you if say your official diagnosis would show that while you are in fact abled, your mental health is such that working right now is very difficult. -Team SG

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