I am feeling so good tonight. It has been EIGHT days and I h

I am feeling so good tonight. It has been EIGHT days and I haven't gambled. And each day is a struggle but everyday that I make it thru to the next feels like a major victory.

That is awesome!!! I completely understand about feeling victorious!!! I'm only going on two days but so far that's a feat for me and it does feel good!!! If you would like to help each other thru this let me know, because God knows I need all the help I can get!!! :)

Absolutely!!! I need a buddy...its great when someone else understands what you are going thru. The first 4 days were so hard...I was literally crying myself to sleep from the internal pain of NOT GAMBLING. This addiction is so real and so painful....and I felt ALOT of fear....and I am still feeling fear of failure and returning to gambling. But the elation from playing online slots and lotto and card games is nothing compared to my desire to get my life back...I HATE what I have become and I want myself back...the woman I was...and I dont even know how it got so bad. I never gambled until I was 40 years old. I am now 46 and the past 5 years have been a very fast downward spiral. The first 3 years were fun....I had a very well paying job and I had been on a winning streak....of course THAT never lasts and when the losing starts everything and everyone in my life feels my pressure....and its ugly.

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:). I know I only found this site 2days ago, but I was starting to feel like I wouldn't be able to find some I could confide in, or someone who could understand...I was starting to get nervous because I've only stopped for two days, and it's already rough, I was fearing the days to come. I honestly thought no one would understand because I feel people don't understand the addiction of gambling..there aren't many movies and sites about it like other addictions. I saw my mother go down this path and I always said that wouldn't b me, but somewhere I don't know, I went wrong..Listen, if you feel like it's too much and ur going to gamble, message me..as soon as I get home from work I'll message u back..I'm determined to help you and hopefully helping eachother we may help ourselves..I completely understand...I wanted to today, but I have to keep telling myself that even though I might win, it will go plus some and I want to go places and do things, and I can't if I gamble..I want to have money when I retire..I love my dear mother to death, and hopefully she never finds out I said this, but she has nothing...literally nothing,,she isn't living on the streets, but close..I don't know how she has money to gamble, but it is all she does..it is all she does, and I don't know what to do..I can't help her if I don't help myself...I feel like I've lost myself as well, but dang it, I will come back. I feel strongly about getting out of this, and u will too..we will succeed..that is one of the things I sort of like and hate about myself..I see the best in everything, but that's why I let myself gamble like this, because I just saw the best in everything...

Praying for you and for me too. I also feel like I have no one to talk too

@roxy401 if you need to talk im here!!

Thank you. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate through this website. I am not even sure how to have a conversation about my gambling problem. I feel like such a loser and am really depressed about it all. I don't know where to start!

@roxy401 me too. It takes time to get familiar with it…im still learning. Your not a failure, but I completely understand how you feel. I may be wrong, but for me personally I think I gamble because of depression…there is always an underlying reason. So before you get down on urself remember there might b a reason why u do what u do. I recently quit and have realized how bad mine id and I’ve had real bad panic and anxiety attacks. Im trying to push through and don’t get down on urself. Im trying yoga and it seems to help. I hope ur day is awesome and I helped some!