I am feeling very sick right now once again .... I am having

I am feeling very sick right now once again .... I am having spikes in the middle of the night :( I hate them j wish I could go back to sleep but I can't any tips .... My head keeps telling me it's because your gay that you can't sleep and it sucks yesterday I went to the mall the whole time I felt so awkward and it sucked I went to panera bread and that was even worse I was eating there for dinner with my sister and I could not just sit there in peace the only thing I could think about was just come out the closet already and I don't wanna be gay at all its not me I feel like and it scares me and makes me want to throw up .... I need some help please

The best thing is to just allow your thoughts to flow. , no you don't want to be gay. But on the other hand being gay or having gay thoughts do not physically hurt someone else. So since they are not hurtful, there is no reason for you to torment yourself like this. By just letting these thoughts flow and not making a big deal out of them, you can bring peace back into your life. A thought is just a thought, what you want for your life is something different. Everyone sometimes thinks thoughts that are not going to be brought into reality. You might sometimes think of killing someone, or you might think of flying one day. But it's not going to happen in real life, because you are simply thinking 'what if'.

For that reason you can just let those thoughts flow. And simply not act on them. There, end of the story.

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