I am female 35 and my mate is 46 and we have not had interco

I am female 35 and my mate is 46 and we have not had intercourse in almost 3 months. I accept that he has a problem. But it makes life hard sometimes. I have purchased teddy's for myself, asked him to use a dildo on me, even asked about a strap on. All I hear is no. It makes me feel un wanted and unattractive. I love him and want to be with him but this is destroying me. I try to think about his feelings and how much I don't want to hurt him because I know it's hard on him. I just don't know what to do. I hate shutting down on him but that's where i am at now.

Welcome to the group. I think sometimes it is hard when a person is feeling sad or bad about themselves. Sounds like you are really trying to connect with him. It is so hard when you can't make a connection with your loved one. There are plenty of people who can help support you here.

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@got2byou I could use the support. It hurts when u feel like my mate does not want me.

First of all it's not you. Secondly don't shut down, try not to. Keep talking about it. Tell him how it makes "you" feel. If my wife had told me how bad it was for her and how it was effecting her physically and emotionally. Has he seen a Dr. about it. If a pill will work it's an easy fix, but if there's underlying medical issues it gets more difficult. Communicate. If things were to go south for your relationship he will feel worse than he would if he address the issue. Don't shut down.

@Richard2969 I have talked to him several times and he tells me that we can’t keep having the same talk over and over. I love him and don’t want to hurt him or make him feel bad. We talked about gong to the doctor and at one time he was okay and then I made the appointment and he was like no he don’t want to go. My heart won’t let me cheat but I am about ready to walk away. I don’t want to destroy him or myself. It hurts just to think about it