I am freaking out as I caught gonorrhea and now I'm going b

I am freaking out as I caught gonorrhea and now I'm going back to get tested for HIV. I obviously had unprotected sex. I'm praying. I could use some education on this. Thanks

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How can we help?

@CKarma I guess I just need some support… Thanks

Please don't panic. A person can have gonorrhea and not have HIV. A person doesn't get HIV every single time they have unprotected sex. Even if you have HIV, there are good treatments out there now. It's no longer a death sentence. Great that you're going to get tested soon -- you're being more responsible than lots of people.

@L2015 Thanks for your reply I am going to see the dr. on Friday and get tested. I am trying to cope and deal and be an adult about this but sometimes i just break down. I know it’s not a death sentence but it will be for my relationship. thanks again

I can imagine you're very scared. This is a very stressful time as you... wait... for.... Friday!! May I make a suggestion or is that too obnoxious? That is, please don't confuse "breaking down" with "crying." Breaking down is ending up crazy -- not good. Crying is a healing mechanism -- good. When a person under stress cries, certain chemicals that increase the stress response are dissolved into the tears and leave the body. So when you cry, your body is becoming less terrified. So you will feel better and also be able to think better too. I know the crying itself may feel horrible, but you will probably feel a bit better after it. So please cry as much as your body seems to want it -- it speeds the healing.