I am going on the 31 for my thyroid and I'm scared

I am going on the 31 for my thyroid and I'm scared witness. I have had benign nodules, but now one of them has gone from 15cm to 23cm in one year. My TSH count is 0.433. All other counts are normal. They are talking about a needle biopsy. In reading about hyperthyroid all the options are barbaric if you ask me. Taking radioactive dye and killing the thyroid, taking meds that can cause liver damage, coma, blood disorders...removing the thyroid...Gee wiz:(

Is the any possibility of a holistic medical treatment? You are in my prayers. Wishing you health and happiness. Have faith and God bless you.

I don’t think holistic medical treatment would help.

The radiology on my thyroid says the growths on my thyroid are hypoechoic.

Looked it up:
One example of a hypoechoic mass, seen in the thyroid gland, is a benign tumor called a follicular adenoma. Confusingly, follicular adenomas may also appear hyperechoic, where more sound waves are reflected back, giving a brighter appearance. In either case, follicular adenomas seen on ultrasound scans tend to be surrounded by a ring which is hypoechoic. They are the most common kind of thyroid tumor, and they are often removed as a precaution because it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish them from thyroid cancer.

So basically my guess is they are going to recommend removal not because they are necessarily cancer but because they are difficult to distinguish from thyroid cancer.