I am going to take my first chantix dose today. I've had hug

I am going to take my first chantix dose today. I've had huge success with this product in the past ( quit for 5 years) but started back 2 1/2 years ago...so if l don't flip out , l'll write some more tomorrow.

let us know how things go!

Today was my second day taking chantix . I can tell that I've taken the drug....but no strange side affects...day two is a ok day for me....I also joined another support group today to help me quit smoking called BecomeAnEX...

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Day three on Chantix. The other sg ask me to pick a quit date. I chose 1/1/16 . Also they suggested to start a log on the times of day that l smoke a cigarette. The other tool they gave me was to select my triggers, the list they provided was very helpful. With these four items in my head today most of my smoking was a very conscience decision.

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This is a great idea!

Good for you! I took Wellbutrin, I don't know if because it was the generic brand, but I had terrible side effects. Still I managed to keep taking for 3 weeks last year. I stopped 2 times last year and I also started this year 01/01/2016 too! :D I feel a little anxious today, but I don't want to fail anymore :(
Keep pushing! :) Keep Calm and Don't Smoke. Breathe!! :)