I am happy to learn I am not alone. I was diagnosed years ag

I am happy to learn I am not alone. I was diagnosed years ago. It took a long time for them to find the cause because my thyroid would fluctuates. I am relapsing and I really don't have a strong support system. I feel very isolated.

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Hello and welcome to support groups!! I found some info for you that may help....just click on the following link
And no, you certainly are NOT alone!! Hope this helps!!

I had a thyroid storm which lead to a cardiac arrest in August. Felt great after 3 weeks in the hospital and rehab. Two weeks after coming home, my feet started twitching and feel like little seizures. Almost like my feet are sensitive to touch and then they **** uncontrollably. At that time my levels had went from very high to low. My endocrinologist had taken me off Methimazole. In the ER, my levels were very high again. All doctors in the hospital and rehab, continued to think the ****ing was related to my thyroid being so out of whack. I'm heading to another endocrinologist in a few days. Has anyone had any of the symptoms?