I am having my first outbreak and was diagnosed with herpes

I am having my first outbreak and was diagnosed with herpes today. Lots of emotions- not quite sure what I’m feeling, to be honest. Mad at myself? Angry? Ashamed? But right now, I’m mostly just in pain. I’ve barely been able to do my school work (I’m a college student) and it hurts so much to pee and even just walk. Any tips on how to ease the pain? How long does it last?

i'm sorry you're in such pain. you don't say which HSV you have whether type1 or type2, but obviously it's "genital".

let's take it one small step at a time. here's a post from our past:

P/S: i have deleted your duplicate post.

User Yes, this is what helped me immensely with those first horrible outbreaks and pain when peeing. I've used Bag Balm for years for things that prescription creams couldn't touch. It's an over the counter antiseptic salve which comes in a green tin. It covers well and tends to stay in place. You can get it in a smaller tin if you just want to try it. Get it at any drug store; you may have to ask for it.

@mmadlecl thank you!! I’ll definitely try it. How often did you apply it?