I am having one of those days. Doesn't help that it is glum

I am having one of those days. Doesn't help that it is glummy and rainny out. I am here at the gym trying to de-stress. I can't help but to always notice the two-somes that always surround me. I can never find a friend to talk to work out with, run errands with or what ever. No one understands. I am a friendly, social person. All of a sudden I am trapoed in this darkness and I can't have anyone in my life let alone a significant other. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Just to vent. Not somebody ciming at you with religion. It's always well what church do you go to, or you've gotta feel comfortable being alone. That is the problem I am alone way too much. What do I do? Where do I find friends? Anyone feel the same? Then I am a single mommy.

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Check meetups.com, if you are looking for Social groups in your city, I have seen some for moms in my area, but there are other groups such as book clubs, board games, and so on. It's a good way to meet people in your city, who all probably feel the same way you do.

I understand how you feel i feel the same way drowning in loneliness with no one to talk to i'm here if you need someone to talk to i'm a single mother as well and need someone to talk to being alone is fine but not all the time.

Hey guys I have tried that Meet Up thing. When you get there people greet you, and then ignire you talking to ths people that they know from there already. Thanks though.