I am having this problem lately where i am depressed all the

i am having this problem lately where i am depressed all the time at home, school, and work. when i am with friends its a little more manageable but i never last very long when i am with friends, i always leave early. i need new ideas on how to cope with this depression. i dont have the money to go to the psychiatrist again until my next appointment. and i dont have the money to see my therapist this week either so im at a loss with talking to my resources.

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It sounds like your doing really well already if your still managing to work and spend time with friends
When I get depressed I try to accept it
It's part of bpd
And it will pass x

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@giraffelover most of the time i feel the same way as you. I force myself to go out so no one will know how much pain I am actually in. My friends think i'm just an introvert for not wanting to go out always. they don't know that i'm so depressed i don't want to get out of my bed most days.

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I like to do as many postive things as I can fit into my day to keep my mind busy for anxiety reasons. Pick up a hobby it can be anything and craft stores now a days are popping up everywhere it should be easy to find. I reward myself with a piece of chocolate at the end of the day right before sleep. This might be helpful to just me but I like to rearrange everything in my house after a few months so it doesn't go stale. Giving yourself a new environment can stimulate the brain. Sometimes I like to cook from scratch so I can see how my hard work has paid off like bread! Take a walk outside and get some fresh air try to smile and start a conversation with a new person. Get a drink of water or eat something. Oh I like to visit the dollar store to see holiday stuff that is in its a dollar so it won't eat my budget. Get yourself a lava lamp they are so relaxing to stare at haha. One time to make myself feel better I got a pocketful of glitter and went outside and just tossed it in random places so when someone walked by they would wonder where the crap this glitter was coming from haha or why it was there. ^O^ be silly its ok to be silly. I honestly hope this makes you feel better.

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Have you tried journaling? Meditation? exercise? Sometimes creating a list of simple tasks and crossing them off helps, got out of bed: check, made it to kitchen: check ( you get it I'm sure) and sometimes by the middle of they day you've done so many little things you might try something bigger.

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@Asassydragonfly wow! Thats an awesome idea! Never thought of that

Thanks guys! I currently journal and crochet. Although I haven't done either of those two things is a while. But I have them to do. Mostly I watch Netflix and scroll on tumblr to relax but that only fuels my depression because it makes me stay in bed longer. To be honest this whole time change sucks because I go to bed even earlier now that it's darker earlier. Like now. It's 7:10 and i am typing this while laying in bed. I just don't know how to force myself to do things anymore. I just don't have the motivation.

today is sunday and i was litterally in my bed the whole day. i think i got out for lunch and to catch a little bit of the game. i know that not getting out of the house just makes how i feel worse, but @giraffelover i understand not being able to get out of bed. it takes a lot sometimes!

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@Campingelmo12 I was in bed all day Saturday with a migraine. I am so glad that I am"whole" today! Happy for wellness at this moment.