I am heading for a downer. I almost always get depressed in

I am heading for a downer. I almost always get depressed in the evening when I get tired. Don't know how to relax and rejuvenate is a major problem. Trying meditation. It is helping somewhat, but not enough. Maybe I am expecting too much too fast. Is there anyone out there with experience in meditation or other relaxation techniques who has any advice?

I agree you have to find what works for you, for me I exercise in the mornings, I read, I find things I cam passionate about I do them, if that is eating a small piece of expensive chocolate for you or saving for a dream vacation, find that Thing or Things and see if that helps!

@CKarma Chocolate yum! It would have to be a small piece though (godiva, maybe). I am overweight though, so it would have to be a small piece.
Thanks for the advice. I will try to find my Thing.

I walk every day with my Mom. Only half an hour or so. I have arthritis and spinal stenosis. I really enjoy these walks. I bought a video on yoga which was supposed to be easy for people with arthritis. What a crock! I think I'll stick with the walking unless I find another video which truly is easy for us folks with arthritis.

@anniecastiel You might want to try “Restorative Yoga” or “Therapeutic Yoga”, I found a CD/Book on Amazon that I love and use all the time. It is extremely gentle yoga and very relaxing, it includes a guided meditation at the end.

@kosobel Thank you! I am trying to do meditation too, so the CD/Book combination sounds particularly good. i will go to the Amazon Web site asap and see what I can find.