I am in need of some help concerning my mother with Dementia

I am in need of some help concerning my mother with Dementia. I have ordered lots of books on Dementia to read. Some of them really helped me, but know my mom is more angry, emotional. I know about the sun downer and it is about her cat that passed away about 6mos ago. We have had to but some locks through our house because she wants to leave. She feels he is outside and needs to get him. We have no clue how to help her through this stage. We have put together some of Prince pictures. But then she tells us not its another Prince she has now. I hope someone can help us.

This does sound like an interesting challenge. The Alzheimer's association may have good recommendations but I wonder if getting a stuffed cat and placing on a sofa or bed would be helpful. I think they are sold online.

Thank you for responding. We have tried that with her, but she was not having it. She said why doesn't walk or eat go outside. We thought maybe it would work but it has not. If anyone could give us any ideas we would really like that. I even thought about having a foster cat that comes close to looking like Prince. But not sure if that would be a bad thing. Yesterday we had a really bad day, she is starting to say she had him in the house earlier in the day. She wanted to look all day and night. I really like this support group. If you anyone can help me and my sister with this. Thank you

That’s too bad. I was going to recommend getting her description and looking for similar to adopt. As long as the cat still has a home if your mom has to go to facility, I think that might be a good idea. Foster cat is a good way to test if the cat would work out.