I am in perimenopause, suffer from breast pain, joint pain,

I am in perimenopause, suffer from breast pain, joint pain, heartburn, nausea, binge eating, feeling low, crying, loss of sex drive, weight gain, the list is endless.. Lately I'm having difficulty swallowing, I'm very stressed as well as I feel lonely.

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Hello and welcome! Breast pain is a sure sign of too much estrogen. Check out the book what your xray not tell you about menopause. This outlines how to use natural progesterone cream to synch your hormones back up! The cream can be purchased at amazon.com source naturals is the brand name...read the reviews and see if its something you'd like to try! Glad u found us! Hope you stop in often!

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Kadija, we all feel your suffering here since most of us are struggling too. Mechele is right on with the progesterone cream. Are you taking any vitamins? Are you exercising at all? Exercise helps so much, even 15-30 minutes a day helps the stress of this awful time. I take One A Day Menopause with soy daily, plus other vitamin supplements. They do help. We all know what you are feeling and hope that you can find some relief soon!

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I have started exercising a few days ago, I walk for 40 minutes in the morning, some days I don't feel like doing much, I get tired very easily.

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@Kadija super b complex helps for energy levels. Great that u r exercising… That will help more than you think!

I feel tired when walking sometimes as well. But, I know its making a difference. I woke up yesterday with brain power, I didn't know I had. So the fog was lifting. Today, back to tired again. But, I will walk again. Thanks for being here to listen.

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@Moviegirl.3434 great to hear it is helping! I am grouchy and jumpy if I don’t walk…tense… Oh yes, the brain fog!! I had lost the ability to multitask…talk about mass frustration!!! lol How far are you walking?

Moviegirl.3434, hang in there. ((((((HUGS))))))

@berrygal Thank you, sometimes hugs are what I need. No weepies, just grateful!

@ mechele
Sometimes I walk for an hour sometimes for 20 minutes.

@Moviegirl.3434 do you find that you feel better the longer you walk? I sure do!