I am just REALLY happy part of me wants to have a reason to

i am just REALLY happy
part of me wants to have a reason to be depressed and the other part of me wants to stay happy forever

i just took my american history quarter final and it seemed super easy imean there were a few questions i got stuck on and it was mostly because i couldent focus on it but i got through it and i feel like i passed it with at least a b and if i did it will bring my overall grade for the class to a b if not a b plus then i have art club after school today then for the next four wednesdays i have a noon dismiss at my school then on thursday i start a new quarter and that being said on thursday i have two art classes nearly back to back the only thing is i have lunch between them and while i have 2 art classes back to back next quarter i have art club every tuesday then to top it all off i might go live with my aunt for a while and because of covid i havent seen her for 2 years and now i get to live with her and all of this combined is making my happy sences go beond crazy and i dont really know how to handle this much adrenilin like my hands are practicly vibrating because i am so freaking happy what would one call this much happyness? is this bad because i am normaly super depressed, but i have benn like vibraty happy for 2 and a half days now. its like im on top of the world and nobody can stop my imortal power. im kinda concerned. can someone explain the way i feel????!!!!!!!!!!?????????

I think you found your passion! You have found what you were meant to be doing! YAY you!

what, art?

Do you usually have highs and real lows? So for example do you go long periods being depressed then a period where you feel on top of the world like almost manic???

@Littleturtle1000 exactly how i feel all the time