I am just so overwhelmed

Hello all. I just joined the group and am excited about the feedback I hope to get. I am a full-time college student graduating in May, and am working 2 jobs (65 hrs a week) to make ends meet. My husband is currently out of work and I feel like I am having to take care of everything. As an upper level college student, my classes are starting to pile on the homework. I do not want my GPA to drop, then again I can not miss any work due to finances. At this point I am feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I do not know what to do, I am just under a lot of stress. :(

It seems like you definitely have a lot on your plate and I know with myself, if I start to think of everything that I need to do it will make me go crazy. I understand that you cannot miss work but lets think about if you can do anything with school. Have you discussed your situation with any of your teachers/professors? Maybe they would allow extensions on certain assignments? Another option is to maybe extend graduation until the end of summer. Maybe lighten your load now and then take one or two summer classes.

Hi! I am also a graduate student and I will be finished in May. I'm in physical therapy school. What are you studying? I can relate to feeling stressed about classes and homework and work. I only work about 20 hours a week so it doesn't compare but I still feel like I'm constantly falling behind. I have had presentations, papers, tests, projects, and etc like crazy lately. I feel like I can't breathe. All I do is go to class, eat, work, and sleep. It's so frustrating. So if you ever want to vent feel free to talk to me!! All I can say is that we only have 7 months left and then we're out in the real world. You only have to put up with this for a little while longer and then you'll be doing what you really want too for the rest of your life. If you can make it through this time in your life, you can accomplish anything. Take it one day at a time, don't focus on everything that's coming up, just what is imperative for the moment. I know if I look ahead to everything that is coming up, I panic. So try just to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Hi..I'm so happy to join the group i need all the help i can get ..I been stress for some yrs and need some real and true friends behind me and never leave me .

I thought about taking off a semester, but I graduate in May. The only thing holding me back from my diploma is a 16 week internship. I cant quit now!
And I cant ask for extensions in my classes- my professor do not like students working when taking her classes (and I have her for two classes!) So i just suck it up and try and do the best that I can do. :( Thanks for your input, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

That is what keep telling myself, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! But when its hard to see the light, its hard to stop stressing over everything. :(